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We have 25+ years of experience in manufacturing ventilation systems.

Satraptahvieh Alborz has been continuously active for more than 25 years in the field of designing and manufacturing various types of HVAC systems and equipment.

The company's activities in the field of manufacturing ventilation systems include industrial factories, pharmaceutical and food industries, petrochemical industries, military industries, offices, hotels, and etc.

Using specialized personnel, the best manufacturing equipment and production of precise and efficient machinery, as well as using the highest quality raw materials and components required for the construction of ventilation systems, have always been on the agenda of the management of the complex.

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Manufacturing of Various Types of Chillers

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Air handling unit

Manufacturing Different Types of Air Handling Units

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Cooling Tower

Construction of Different Types of Cooling Towers

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Package Unit

Manufacturing of Various Types of Package Units

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Air-cooled chillers are a type of compression chiller.

An air-cooled chiller is a cooling device that uses air as the cooling source to refrigerate liquid or water.

This type of chiller is mainly used in air conditioning systems, industrial refrigeration, and industrial processes.

Hygienic Air Handling Unit use multiple filters to clean the air.

A hygienic air handling unit (AHU) is a type of air handling unit that is designed to produce purified air free of microbial and chemical contaminants. These units are used in a variety of applications where high levels of air quality are essential, such as hospitals, laboratories, and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Air handling units (AHUs) are used in environments where precise control of air quality is required, such as hospitals, laboratories, and the food industry.

Cooling tower is a mechanical device used to reduce the temperature of water.

These devices use ambient air to exchange heat with the process fluid and are used in various industrial processes, power plants, electricity generation, steel production, petrochemicals, water treatment, and other industries.

"Cooling towers are commonly used in industrial and commercial cooling systems."

A cooling package is a complete air conditioning system

These systems include a compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, fan, and other essential components. They are integrated and housed in a single enclosure and are suitable for use in small residential and commercial buildings.

Chiller packages are used for air conditioning in residential, commercial, office, and industrial buildings. They are suitable for use in apartments, small commercial units, offices, shops, and even small commercial halls.

An exhaust fan is a mechanical device

The exhaust fan works by rotating the fan motor. The fan pulls air out of the environment and directs it outside through the exhaust pipe.

Exhaust fans are used to remove air from a space. These devices are commonly used in HVAC systems, industrial and commercial buildings, and vehicles.

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